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The Yakhin Group, founded in 1927, is one of the oldest leading agricultural companies in Israel.  For decades, Yahkin has led and promoted the Israeli agricultural enterprise, starting by training workers and continuing by cultivating land, developing crop-growing methods, and managing manufacturing plants in the agricultural industry, including marketing the produce in Israel and abroad.  The Yakhin Group has achieved a number of significant successes in introducing new crop varieties to the global market. It continues to cultivate hundreds of hectares, replant crops, and is perennially testing new varieties and advanced agricultural technologies.  In addition to its agriculture-related activities, the Yakhin Group holds a large number of income-generating real estate assets throughout the country.

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Innovation Team

Shai Reicher

Shai Reicher


CEO of the Yakhin Group and a board member for the companies of the Yakhin Group

Hila Rom

Hila Rom

CEO at Makers

Corporate Venturing Advisor 

Nahum Dror

Nahum Dror

Chief Agronomist

The company's Chief Agronomist and Processing Manager

Golan Gazit

Golan Gazit

VP Marketing & Operation

Commerce and offices, business development  and planning and initialization of growing strategies

Our Proposal

Expert Help

Expert Help

Personal assistance from leading experts, including agronomists, technologists, marketing specialists, etc.
Beta Site

Beta Site

Access to farming lands, processing systems, and integration in order to adapt the product to the needs of global agriculture
Access to<br> Capital

Access to

Exposure to an investor circle that includes Israeli and international angels, funds, and other investment entities
International Network<br> of Partners

International Network
of Partners

Access to an international network of agricultural corporations and experienced professionals who can assist in the development of the startup, the accuracy of the product and its suitability for the agricultural industry
Personal<br> Mentoring


Each team will be accompanied by a personal mentor and by content experts from a wide range of fields who will remain at the entrepreneurs’ disposal
Financial<br> Guidance


Guidance by experts from the Ernst & Young firm in all matters related to modules and financial plans

Who is it For?

The incubator is targeting Agtech startups that are developing products which are addressing key issues in the international agriculture industry, with a working prototype and a clear business model. Key focus areas of the incubator are:

Yield optimisation
Crop protection and pest control
Machinery & robotics use in harvest
Digital farming
Post harvest
Irrigation and water quality management
Prevention of food waste and food loss



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